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DEA Certified Laboratory

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Lab Testing Services

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This Testing is for Cultivators and Manufacturers seeking Certificates of Analysis (CoA) which are submitted to the USDA to verify compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill . Harvested Crops and Final Products must undergo this type of testing to be in compliance with the State of Virginia and the USDA guidelines. We follow the stringent Testing Methods approved by the AOAC.

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R & D

Terramor Technologies offers a Research and Development test for Cultivators and Manufacturers who are collecting data to adjust nutrients in their crops or are formulating a specific product. Typically used for new product development or improvements. This category of testing offers a Standard Report and is not intended for harvest or final product certification. We use the same exacting USDA and AOAC Testing Methods as Compliance Tests.

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Terramor Technologies LLC is a Member of these Organizations. Visit them to find out about the Important Contributions they each make to the Hemp and Cannabis Industries.

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